DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 20.1.32, 17 September 2020

36.42 Sometimes I experience DVT GUI hangs, what should I do?

When you experience GUI hangs please follow the next steps in order to provide us some valuable debug information about your situation:

  • While the GUI is hanged, run the following command

$DVT_HOME/bin/dvt_debug_utils.sh -workspace /path/to/dvt_workspace -thread_dump -nof_kills 60 -tbs 1

  • When the command above is done (after 60 SIGQUIT signals, 1 second apart), it prints the path to the log file it has generated, like this:

DVT log file is: /tmp/dvt_log_<pid#>

  • Send us the generated log along with a brief description of the activities you were performing in DVT when the hang occured (like for example creating a New Project, invoking the Content Assist, maximizing a view, etc.).

NOTE: The command has to run on the same machine as DVT. If DVT runs as a job on a remote machine, force the command to be dispatched on the same machine as DVT.