Specador Documentation Generator User Guide
Rev. 23.1.22, 22 September 2023

10.1 Doxygen

Specador can link with documentation generated by Doxygen. This feature comes in handy, when we want to document C/C++ functions that are imported using the SystemVerilog Direct Programming Interface (DPI).

The first step is to generate the Doxygen documentation for the C/C++ code along with a XML tag file, which is used by Specador to find where to search for references.

The second step is to pass the location of the Doxygen documentation inside the Specador XML preference file and specify the name of the tag file:

 <!-- Link to the elements for which documentation is already generated in the directories specified below, instead of re-generating their HTML pages. -->
 <external-doc-path doxygen-tag-file="doxygen_tag.xml">external_doxygen_doc/</external-doc-path>