Specador Documentation Generator User Guide
Rev. 20.1.23, 9 July 2020

Chapter 2. How to Run

Specador can be invoked in batch mode by running:

$DVT_HOME/bin/specador.sh ...


$> specador.sh -lang vlog -cmd /path/to/simulation.f -title "MY CHIP"

$> specador.sh -lang vhdl -cmd /path/to/file_list.f -preferences /path/to/dvt_export_html.xml

$> specador.sh -lang e -ignore_compile_errors -cmd irun.args -title "USB 3.0 uVC"


-lang e|vlog|vhdl
  The source code language: e Language, SystemVerilog or VHDL.
-cmd <file>
  The compilation command file.
   Ignore compile errors and continue.
[-preferences <XML file>]
  Use preferences specified in the XML file.
Generate an XML file with all supported preferences.
[-menu <XML file>]
  Use menu specified in the XML file. It has precedence over the html menu specified by preferences.
[-title <title>]
  Use specified title. It has precedence over the title specified by preferences.
[-print_compile_waivers_info ]
   Optional. Prints how many problems each compile waiver has matched.

NOTE: When generating HTML documentation in GUI mode, a dvt_export_html.xml settings file is saved in the project's .dvt directory.

NOTE: In order to generate diagrams, make sure the Graphviz dot executable is installed & accessible.