Specador Documentation Generator User Guide
Rev. 19.1.36, 21 October 2019

3.4 Paths

You can specify absolute or relative paths.

Relative paths are resolved relative to the compilation root. By default the compilation root is the project directory. However, when using the -F directive to include another argument file the compilation root might change (for more details see Including Other Argument Files).

You can use environment variables when specifying paths.

You can use ant-like path patterns when specifying top files and incdirs:

  • ?''' matches a single character, for example '''top?.sv matches top1.sv and topA.sv but not top_1.sv

  • *''' matches a sequence of characters from a file or directory name, for example '''top*/*.sv matches all files with .sv extension from all the directories starting with top, +incdir+/path/to/incdir_* will set as incdirs all directories from /path/to/ having the incdir_ prefix

  • ** matches a sequence of directories from a path (recursively), for example **/*.sv matches all files with .sv extension from the whole project directory tree