Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter User Guide
Rev. 20.1.1, 21 February 2020

Chapter 2. Run in Batch Mode

Verissimo can be invoked in batch mode by running:

$DVT_HOME/bin/ ...

Main Use Cases

  • Generate the HTML documentation of all the available rules: -gen_rulepool_doc

  • Generate the XML ruleset of all the available rules: -gen_rulepool_xml

  • Generate the XML ruleset of all the available rules, displaying id, default title and parameters for each rule -gen_rulepool_xml -rulepool_xml_include id,title,parameters

  • Run all rules -cmd my_compile.args

  • Run all rules and generate HTML lint report -cmd my_compile.args -gen_html_report

  • Run a specific ruleset -cmd my_compile.args -ruleset my_ruleset.xml

  • Run the XVM compliance ruleset -cmd my_compile.args -compliance

  • Generate the HTML documentation for a specific ruleset -gen_ruleset_doc -ruleset my_ruleset.xml


Argument Description
basic Optional. Run the basic predefined ruleset.
cmd <command file> Mandatory. Compile using the specified compilation arguments file.
compare <directory>Optional. Directory of the HTML report to be compared with the report specified by the next 'compare' argument.
compare_info <name>Optional. The filter name where comparison sets with new fixes, new failures, added rules and removed rules will be added.
compile_waivers <file>Optional. Waive compilation errors using the waivers specified in the XML file. See Compile Waivers.
compliance Optional. Run the XVM compliance predefined ruleset.
custom_rules <jars>Optional. Path to jars containing custom rules.
custom_report_locationOptional. Destination directory for the custom lint report.
debug_custom_rules <class>Optional. Name of the custom rule class to be debugged.
debug_custom_rules_from_files <files>Optional. Path of the file containing custom rule class names to be debugged.
diff <directory>Optional. Directory of the HTML report to be differentiated with other reports specified by subsequent 'diff' arguments.
fail_on_severity <error | warning | info>Optional. Fail if the result contains checks with severities equal or higher than the specified severity. Default: info
gen_custom_report <FTL file> Optional, one or more. Generate a custom report using the specified template. See Custom Report
gen_html_report Optional. Generates the HTML lint report.
gen_rulepool_doc Optional. Generate the HTML documentation with all available rules.
gen_rulepool_xml Optional. Generate the XML ruleset with all available rules.
gen_ruleset_doc Optional. Generate the HTML documentation with all the rules from the specified ruleset.
gen_ruleset_xml Optional. Generate the XML ruleset with all the rules from the specified predefined ruleset (if no predefined ruleset is specified, an XML with all available rules will be generated).
heap_size <size>Optional. Set the Java heap size. Default is 3072m.
helpPrint help and exit.
html_report_locationOptional. Destination directory for the HTML lint report.
ignore_build_config_errorsOptional. Ignore build configuration errors.
ignore_compile_errorsOptional. Ignore compile errors, disable printing of compilation errors and continue with linting.
ignore_lint_errorsOptional. Ignore lint errors and disable printing of lint errors.
ignore_lint_infosOptional. Ignore lint infos and disable printing of lint infos.
ignore_lint_warningsOptional. Ignore lint warnings and disable printing of lint warnings.
info <key=value>Optional. Place a 'key=value' annotation on all hits from a generated HTML report, in order to create filters based on them after a merge of reports.
list_unused_available_rulesOptional. List available rules not used in current ruleset.
log <log file>Optional. Log to specified file.
merge <directory>Optional. Directory of the HTML report to be merged with other reports specified by subsequent 'merge' arguments.
ovm Optional. Run Verissimo XVM rules as OVM (if not specified UVM will be used).
print_compile_waivers_infoOptional. Prints how many problems each compile waiver has matched.
ruleset <XML file> Optional. XML ruleset file. See Rulesets.
rulepool_xml_include <rule_attributes>Optional. Used only with -gen_rulepool_xml to specify what rule attributes should be displayed in the generated XML ruleset. Comma separated list of: complete_rule_info, id, name, title, severity, description, parameters, commented_parameters, parameters_info.
silentOptional. Turn on minimal output.
since <yyyy-MM-dd>Optional. Show only rules added since yyyy-MM-dd when generating rulepool HTML and XML or listing unused rules.
stack_size <size>Optional. Set the Java thread stack size. Default is 4m.
waivers <XML file>Optional. XML waivers file. See Lint Waivers.
zero_exit_on_lint_failuresOptional. Return exit code zero even if some checks fail. Non-zero exit code is returned only when an internal error occurs (execution exceptions or wrong arguments).