April, 2006

EE Times: IEEE standardizes 'e' language

AMIQ Consulting (Bucharest, Romania) last month also rolled out an IDE for the "e" language based on the Eclipse open-source standard. The company has already seen a lot of demand, said founder Cristian Amitroaie. AMIQ also offers an "e" language parser, import viewer and name checker. "For AMIQ, the final step in the IEEE standardization process is a further confirmation that Cadence is committed to go all the way and support the 'e' language technology," Amitroaie said.

March, 2006

DVT Eclipse IDE Beta Release

November, 2005

EE Times: SystemVerilog won't kill 'e', say proponents

AMIQ Consulting (Bucharest, Romania) offers EParser, an "e" language parser that EDA vendors or in-house design groups can use to build "e" language tools. Cristian Amitroaie, AMIQ Consulting's founder, noted that IEEE standardization will make the language open, prove it to be mature and increase customer confidence in what is no longer a "proprietary" language.

"As consultants for verification projects, we've seen it ['e'] working," Amitroaie said. "It solves real problems. It is a mature language."

November, 2005

Cadence: Initial Ballot to Make e Language an IEEE Standard Passes Overwhelmingly

"The standardization of e is an important milestone for us," said Cristian Amitroaie, founder of AMIQ Consulting. "We are the first provider of an e parser, in addition to services and tools for the e language. Stability and recognition afforded by the IEEE standardization acts as a catalyst to broaden our market opportunities. We invested in the e parser to speed-up the development of e-related design automation tools in the context of an established standard. We expect this investment to show its value."

December, 2004

Donate e Language parser to IEEE1647