June, 2012

Video: DAC 2012 Update on AMIQ's DVT IDE - New RTL Design Work Flow Support

"Readers of this blog and of Team Specman will recall that Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and verification services provider AMIQ has been in the vanguard of supporting functional verification methodologies and testbench creation for years. The success of verification engineers using AMIQ's "DVT" IDE product has been increasingly noticed by their RTL designer colleagues such that AMIQ is now adding new capabilities to DVT to support RTL design work flows."

June, 2012

John Cooley - My Cheesy Must See List for DAC 2012

Amiq Verissimo SV TB Linter performs code linting for generic System Verilog code and UVM.
Amiq DVT Eclipse IDE provides IDE for design and verification languages like "e", System Verilog, VHDL. Visual C like stuff. Capacity. "Took one customer's 15 M lines of code, no problem."

June, 2012

AMIQ Releases New Design-Oriented Features in the DVT IDE

"The Design and Verification Tools IDE has been created from the beginning, as its name shows, with both design and verification in mind. Although DVT's early adopters were verification engineers, its popularity has rapidly increased among design engineers. The capabilities released today are the result of listening to the designers' feedback and requests. These features enable design engineers to easily understand how a signal propagates in a design, connect two modules across the design hierarchy, and inspect and document a module structure.".

May, 2012

AMQ Has a New Logo

"The AMIQ team is friendly, creative, and has a passion for bringing sharp ideas to life. These qualities are reflected by the new shape of the logo as well as by its dark blue color. The dark blue also captures AMIQ's focus on deep knowledge and domain expertise, excellence, integrity, and commitment to the customers worldwide. The red color echoes the two companies' dynamism and passion, qualities that have been passed on by the three founders since inception.".