Dragan Labalo

Signal Processing Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

I am a signal processing engineer defining the DSP specs for the RTL designers. Through the process of design verification I interact with digital verification team and RTL designers. I am not fluent in System Verilog and UVM framework, but in case the test bench does not match the specification I often need to look into the test bench and the RTL implementation and run and tweak the tests and design myself. DVT Eclipse IDE provides exceptional help for me to quickly navigate the design, reference C++ models and understand the hierarchy of the design and the UVM test bench. Highly recommended productivity tool.

Kevin Spisak

HW Design Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

A few years ago, I took a break from RTL design and did some software work. When I came back to RTL design, I was not happy with the old editors. I was spoiled with the IDE's available for software work. I searched around and tried a few IDE's available for SystemVerilog. DVT Eclipse IDE was by far the best and is just as good as the software IDE I used. I've ran into few bugs since I started using DVT. AMIQ was very responsive and fixed the bugs in no time.

Eran Shalev

Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

I’ve been working with DVT Eclipse IDE both in ‘e’ language, and with SystemVerilog for the past few years, and I can truly say that the effect it has on the development time and the code styling is huge.

Getting around the project’s environment using ‘go-to’ usage/implementations/writers/readers of members/functions and easy code development features like refactoring, code templates, auto-indent, auto-complete, while being notified on compilation/lint issues, all these allow us to have more time for planning and analyzing results and eventually improve the entire verification process and probably the chip itself!

I was very satisfied with the support I got from AMIQ’s team over the years, and with the online tutorial that helped me get started and find answers along the way.

Catalin Butnaru

Design Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

Here is my top 3 reasons for using DVT Eclipse IDE: (1) autocomplete, (2) on the fly build and syntax checking and (3) code 'hopping' (jumping to member/function/method/class/etc. declaration/extensions). This piece of software makes the ramp-up period so much more immersive and easily to handle and then it helps in shortening the implementation and debug loops. It is in the top 3 list of tools that helps me deliver high quality & on time. Thanks you and keep it up!

Lucian Mereuta

Digital Design Consultant | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

As a digital design consultant I was part of various projects from large scale SOC to block level design. I was happy to see that the majority of my customers use the DVT Eclipse IDE because it helped me increase productivity considerably. It helps you focus on design and spot immediately syntax errors or linting issues (this feature is a game changer!). For example I have to strip down a huge logic cone in a design. With the DVT Eclipse IDE I deleted the sync signal and all the contributing logic instantly was visually flagged as not used. Hours of painstaking work where saved using this particular feature only. When I started using the DVT Eclipse IDE I got quick and valuable help form their support team.

Thank you AMIQ for this product!

Viljami Juntunen

Field Applications Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

I have seen how DVT Eclipse IDE helps big team to shift gears and reach the next level in coding productivity. Due to the ever-increasing integrity level of the DVT Eclipse IDE, you are approaching first-time-right state in coding. DVT Eclipse IDE also allows you to dive deeper into languages and methodologies if you want that. AMIQ provides superb customer experience at short response time and they always show great receptiveness to your improvement ideas. AMIQ owns a world-class know-how in building complex end-user specific flows on top of the DVT Eclipse IDE in different EDA environments.

Ashraf Mian

Senior Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

Excellent tool, the DVT Eclipse IDE is a very important part of our design and verification flow.

Robb Cole

Firmware Engineer Staff / Qualified Architect

I have used DVT Eclipse IDE for the last two years. It is an excellent tool, particularly for working with UVM. UVM spreads out a design over many many many different files. The DVT Eclipse IDE handles the entire design and verification environment. For example it can trace which instance of a module is being referenced in the verification environment and show the corresponding values of parameters.

Ben Levin

Pre-Silicon Validation Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

DVT Eclipse IDE changes the way we work. It shortens the code development time and spots compilation issues at coding stage. In addition it makes code maintenance easier and allows faster ramp on written code. AMIQ support team is very responsive and helpful.

Elihai Maicas

Design Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

We are using DVT Eclipse in our verification team for a few years now. This is a great tool, that enables us to work faster, write code with no compilation errors and quickly find our way in the testbench. AMIQ has an awesome support team that quickly handles any question or issue via email or short online meetings.

Recently we've had a "DVT for designers" training session from AMIQ. Following the session, most of our designers started to use the tool as well.

In addition, we have done an evaluation for the Verissimo tool, and decided to purchase a license, and use it to improve out testbench performance and quality.