Viljami Juntunen

Field Applications Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

I have seen how DVT Eclipse IDE helps big team to shift gears and reach the next level in coding productivity. Due to the ever-increasing integrity level of the DVT Eclipse IDE, you are approaching first-time-right state in coding. DVT Eclipse IDE also allows you to dive deeper into languages and methodologies if you want that. AMIQ provides superb customer experience at short response time and they always show great receptiveness to your improvement ideas. AMIQ owns a world-class know-how in building complex end-user specific flows on top of the DVT Eclipse IDE in different EDA environments.

Ashraf Mian

Senior Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

Excellent tool, the DVT Eclipse IDE is a very important part of our design and verification flow.

Robb Cole

Firmware Engineer Staff / Qualified Architect

I have used DVT Eclipse IDE for the last two years. It is an excellent tool, particularly for working with UVM. UVM spreads out a design over many many many different files. The DVT Eclipse IDE handles the entire design and verification environment. For example it can trace which instance of a module is being referenced in the verification environment and show the corresponding values of parameters.

Ben Levin

Pre-Silicon Validation Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

DVT Eclipse IDE changes the way we work. It shortens the code development time and spots compilation issues at coding stage. In addition it makes code maintenance easier and allows faster ramp on written code. AMIQ support team is very responsive and helpful.

Elihai Maicas

Design Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

We are using DVT Eclipse in our verification team for a few years now. This is a great tool, that enables us to work faster, write code with no compilation errors and quickly find our way in the testbench. AMIQ has an awesome support team that quickly handles any question or issue via email or short online meetings.

Recently we've had a "DVT for designers" training session from AMIQ. Following the session, most of our designers started to use the tool as well.

In addition, we have done an evaluation for the Verissimo tool, and decided to purchase a license, and use it to improve out testbench performance and quality.

Fabio Borrelli

ASIC Design Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

DVT Eclipse IDE helps me follow of a wire in a jungle of wires! In one click it finds out all the connections, so I am not wasting time and patience manually digging through the source code.

Tzach Halay

Hardware Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

The DVT Eclipse IDE is a real game-changer! It makes me more efficient, now I can concentrate on the important stuff.

Andrew Betts

Consultant, trainer and coach to Customer-Facing Teams | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

What do you do when you have to perform risk analysis on a 20 year old circuit design and the information available consists of 30 vintage, undocumented VHDL files? (VHDL is a Hardware Description Language – an HDL).

In my case, a quick email not only provided the solution, it also restored my faith in human nature and the power of generosity and trust in business.

A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to visit Amiq’s offices in Bucharest to stage a communication methodology course for their engineers. This took place in the theater on the top floor of their company building and I was impressed both by this charming location and the solidarity and self-reliance of the team. These are people that know how to solve problems, whether technical (e.g. advanced HDL-based Design & Verification) or logistic – navigating around the many obstacles to business in bureaucratic Romania, for example!

So, returning to my archaeological difficulties, I knew that Amiq’s DVT Eclipse IDE HDL editor worked by understanding a design in order to offer the designer relevant functions and choices. My mail to Amiq asked if it would also be useful for reverse-engineering existing code. Two hours later, I had an evaluation license installed on my machine at AEDVices and, indeed, the tool can produce excellent block diagrams, flow diagrams and schematics with the minimum of fuss. Just throw the files at it, basically.

Above all, the human experience was tremendously refreshing. No “it’s-a-free-evaluation-but-let’s-have-your-credit-card-details-anyway” nonsense. Not so much as a “how-likely-are-you-to-buy-a-lorry-load?”. Just a simple, “here-it-is; hope-you-like-it; call-us-if-you-need-help”.

I warmly recommend Amiq to anyone in the business of creating, verifying or trying to understand a design, for the quality of both the tool and the people that built it.

Nigel Woolaway

Professional Instructor | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

I am a professional instructor providing training on System Verilog, VHDL and UVM as well as design flows and EDA tools. I find the DVT Eclipse IDE platform an excellent tool for showing language concepts and explaining potential solutions to the lab exercises. I can honestly say that this has become an essential part of my instructors toolkit and I really would not like to go back to plain text editors. Writing testbenches in System Verilog and UVM is much closer to writing software than hardware and DVT Eclipse is an excellent IDE.

Martin Schickel

Principal Digital Mixed Signal Verification | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

In the course of my professional career, I have been both a designer and a verification engineer. In both roles the DVT Eclipse IDE was a constant companion as it helped me to accomplish my tasks in a much shorter time than I would have been able to do so without. I can only commend AMIQ's support, as whenever I faced a problem or requested a feature, they were very responsive and quick to resolve the issue.