DVT PSS IDE User Guide
Rev. 18.1.29, 13 September 2018

Chapter 27. What is New?

#.# - major version - Includes new features, major enhancements, architectural changes, bug fixes. 
Since 2015, a major version is named in sync with the release year, for example the first major version of 2015 is 15.1.
NOTE: When switching to a new major version it is recommended to start in a new workspace.

#.#.# - minor version - Includes bug fixes, minor enhancements.

18.1.29 (13 September 2018)


  • DVT-12238 Preference to enable disk full check on editor save action


  • DVT-12178 Wrong name for searched elements in Search View

  • DVT-12231 Search View label is not consistent with the "Search for" option selected in the search dialog

  • DVT-12263 Exceptions thrown when closing a cloned editor with files containing macros

18.1.28 (6 September 2018)


  • DVT-12237 Check for disk full doesn't run periodically

18.1.27 (30 August 2018)


  • DVT-12229 Parser update to comply with PSS Standard Errata v1.0


  • DVT-7482 Layers View buttons are not visible until resize of view

  • DVT-12213 DVT CLI: Using -include auto fails because path to JRE is not computed correctly

18.1.26 (27 August 2018)


  • DVT-5837 Add support for Content Filters in Coverage View


  • DVT-12147 Add PSS covergroup, coverpoint, bins code templates

  • DVT-12185 Clean-up element types used in Content Filters and Outline View filters


  • DVT-11663 DVT CLI openFile command on a file inside a project should refresh the file's parent directory

  • DVT-12179 Comments are not restored from disk

18.1.25 (9 August 2018)


  • DVT-12155 Enum item icon should be similar with all other languages


  • DVT-12131 Double click in editor on a number does not select it

  • DVT-12142 Using enum item in left hand side of constraint issues a false error

  • DVT-12144 Autocomplete after extend <data_type> does not show only extendable types

  • DVT-12150 PSS code templates defined per-project are not available in content assist

  • DVT-12154 Content assist auto-activation on == should trigger after one blank

  • DVT-12161 Infinite loop when building a coverpoint with explicit data type in PSS

18.1.24 (3 August 2018)


  • DVT-12018 DVT CLI: Ability to automatically create resource filters at project creation time, based on the build configuration


  • DVT-12042 Automatically insert single proposal does not work for Code Template proposals

  • DVT-12093 Semantic issues when using label in front of 'do' action traversal

  • DVT-12094 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER semantic error inside constraint block of a 'do' action traversal

  • DVT-12110 File opened with wrong editor if the extension is not .pss (default)

  • DVT-12111 Code templates: Variables like ${cursor} are not properly replaced for PSS

  • DVT-12112 Autocomplete: Code template proposals do not appear for PSS

  • DVT-12113 Types from package imported in global scope not visible

  • DVT-12129 NullPointerException thrown in Annotations preference page when it contains annotations with no labels (patch for Eclipse 4.4.1, 4.6.3 and 4.7.2)

18.1.23 (26 July 2018)


  • DVT-4414 Ability to configure the maximum number of lines in file and maximum number of matches for Mark Occurrences


  • DVT-12036 Coverage View: Element count displays the number of named covergroups instead of total number of covergroups

  • DVT-12076 Build Config: Unmatched single quote errors are not reported

18.1.22 (20 July 2018)


  • DVT-11982 Improve the performance of problems management in projects with large filesystem hierarchies


  • DVT-11979 Show compile indices as part of the file info for any Inspect View input

  • DVT-12037 Trigger semantic error when size specified for pools of flow objects

  • DVT-12038 Trigger semantic error when bind associated with a non-pool object field


  • DVT-12039 Semantic error not triggered for non existing component path in bind statements

  • DVT-12040 Semantic error not triggered when duplicate a predefined field

  • DVT-12041 Predefined fields are not shown in auto-complete proposals

  • DVT-12043 Escape special XML characters when creating a compile waiver from an existing marker

  • DVT-12052 Comments associated with the elements are not updated on incremental build

18.1.21 (6 July 2018)


  • DVT-3985 Ability to open files from embedded terminal using double click


  • DVT-10991 DVT CLI: openFile command should support relative paths

  • DVT-11970 Trigger semantic error for illegal binds in activities

18.1.20 (28 June 2018)


  • DVT-11858 ViPlugin: Show warning when searching for non-existing word

  • DVT-11862 ViPlugin: Add "hls" command as shortcut for "highlightsearch"

  • DVT-11958 Add -close_others option to dvt_cli.sh importProject and createProject to close all open projects


  • DVT-11856 ViPlugin: Adding a character in the middle of the searched word in command line moves cursor to the end of the word

  • DVT-11860 ViPlugin: Searching with regular expressions highlights wrong number of characters

  • DVT-11863 ViPlugin: Visual block mode must start with a selection of size 1

  • DVT-11864 ViPlugin: In visual mode, the last character on a line cannot be selected without the newline

  • DVT-11951 Missing decoration for files skipped using +dvt_skip_compile

18.1.19 (21 June 2018)

First Release