DVT PSS IDE User Guide
Rev. 19.1.31, 5 September 2019

Chapter 30. What is New?

#.# - major version - Includes new features, major enhancements, architectural changes, bug fixes. 
Since 2015, a major version is named in sync with the release year, for example the first major version of 2015 is 15.1.
NOTE: When switching to a new major version it is recommended to start in a new workspace.

#.#.# - minor version - Includes bug fixes, minor enhancements.

19.1.31 (5 September 2019)


  • DVT-13698 "Show build log file content" console action should provide more details when the log file is not available


  • DVT-13667 Folding: Toggle current line is not working for user defined folding region

  • DVT-13689 Support symlinks in Project Templates

19.1.30 (29 August 2019)


  • DVT-10979 Hyperlink should check file size and not open / warn if it is too big

  • DVT-13485 Ask for user confirmation when trying to open large files


  • DVT-7442 Ability to quickly open a file from the same folder with the current editor

  • DVT-13694 Show action random/non-random field values in Inspect View


  • DVT-13685 False constraint contradiction when resolving state ports connections

19.1.29 (20 August 2019)


  • DVT-13655 Force Adwaita theme when starting in GTK3

  • DVT-13656 Set default colors for notifications, breadcrumb, filter boxes and tooltip


  • DVT-13653 UI slow-down when displaying huge flat trees with shallow depth

  • DVT-13659 Breadcrumb: Updates should be triggered only when the input changes

19.1.28 (14 August 2019)


  • DVT-13597 Ability to specify editor associations using +dvt_editor_association_override build config directive


  • DVT-13604 Add constraint solver support for integers represented on more than 32-bits

  • DVT-13605 Constraints lookahead support trough pre_solve and post_solve exec blocks

  • DVT-13620 Syntax Coloring: Highlight does not work for files outside project


  • DVT-13511 Support naming conventions for PSS

  • DVT-13512 PSS Naming conventions Category uses e Language entries

  • DVT-13586 Show warnings promoted to error in the Console View build log

  • DVT-13606 When used inside a repeat block the if-else chooses the same branch for all the repeats

  • DVT-13626 Fields not qualified as output are shown in diagram as outputs

  • DVT-13627 Upper/lower boundary for an integer is not correctly computed (upper boundary is 511 instead of 255 for an 8-bit integer)

  • DVT-13628 Not equals constraint is not correctly propagated and leads to unexpected scenario creation

19.1.27 (2 August 2019)


  • DVT-11250 & DVT-12413 Report XML errors for compile waivers


  • DVT-9287 Suppress irun.history file generation when irun is invoked at startup

  • DVT-11956 & DVT-13595 Settings Management: Keyboard shortcut deletion is not handled correctly

  • DVT-13589 Breadcrumb: Resizing editor while breadcrumb is read-only forces a refresh

  • DVT-13590 Breadcrumb: Icons change their vertical position when resizing the editor

19.1.26 (26 July 2019)


  • DVT-12457 Improved Breadcrumb Navigation Bar performance


  • DVT-11261 Ability to see to how many problems a compile waiver was applied in the dvt_build.log file

  • DVT-12069 Ability to specify the icon path of a Run Configuration relative to the path of the .launch file


  • DVT-13584 Run configuration's generated icons contain graphical artifacts on newer JREs

19.1.25 (19 July 2019)


  • DVT-11760 Show a visual indicator in the UI when automatic build for a project is turned off


  • DVT-13561 Console filters stopped working on Eclipse 4.11 due to API change

19.1.24 (11 July 2019)


  • DVT-13444 DVT CLI: Add new rebuildProject command


  • DVT-11537 DVT CLI: openFile command should support multiple file arguments

  • DVT-13004 CDT Integration: Do not show anonymous elements in the Types View for typedef'd structs/enums/unions

  • DVT-13354 Ability to hide "User Operation is waiting" dialog (when saving a file during build/restore)


  • DVT-12847 DVT CLI: Invoking the dvt_cli.sh script right after closing DVT causes "did not respond to probe" errors

19.1.23 (4 July 2019)


  • DVT-13406 CDT Integration: Reduce the number of Codan checks enabled by default

  • DVT-13489 CDT Integration: Improve navigation performance in large C/C++ files when in scalability mode (patch for Eclipse 4.4.1, 4.6.3 and 4.7.2)


  • DVT-13420 CDT Integration: New C/C++ Extended perspective


  • DVT-10416 CDT Integration: Ability to set the CDT file types using the +dvt_cdt_file_type_map build configuration directive

  • DVT-12558 CDT Integration: Add IEE std. sv_vpi_user.h, svdpi.h, vpi_compatibility.h, vpi_user.h to DVT predefined libs and use them in +dvt_init+dvt

  • DVT-13114 CDT Integration: Automatically set CDT file types for all source and header files detected in the scanning phase of a C/C++ project

  • DVT-13426 CDT Integration: Ability to specify when CDT Codan should run using +dvt_run_codan+FULL+INCR


  • DVT-9241 CDT Integration: Hyperlink to #included file should always open the C Editor

  • DVT-13405 CDT Integration: Disable all CDT Codan launch triggers by default

  • DVT-13414 CDT Integration: Non-top C/C++ files are not excluded from indexing during the first build after project creation

  • DVT-13504 Paging through opened editors gets stuck in DVT build configuration editors

  • DVT-13505 ViPlugin: Fixed ExecutionException on Eclipse 4.11

19.1.22 (1 July 2019)


  • DVT-13409 Ability to customize GTK2 theme font in the new DVT Theme Engine

  • DVT-13482 Ability to customize all editor fonts in the new DVT Theme Engine


  • DVT-13184 NotHandledException thrown when double clicking on commands from Quick Access bar

  • DVT-13445 Support to dump SV target code for a generated scenario

  • DVT-13457 Custom Pragmas preference page is unreadable in dark themes

19.1.21 (21 June 2019)


  • DVT-13425 Syntax Coloring: Syntax and semantic highlighting performance improvement


  • DVT-12835 Add support for jumping outside brackets

  • DVT-13416 Improve New Project Wizard look & feel


  • DVT-12965 CDT Integration: Ability to add C/C++ natures from New DVT Project Wizard

  • DVT-13113 CDT Integration: CDT GCC Built-in Compiler Settings command is not expanded correctly

  • DVT-13407 DVT CLI: The "-include auto" flag should not hide project settings

  • DVT-13419 CDT Integration: C/C++ files are still indexed after being removed from default.build

  • DVT-13424 CDT Integration: Sometimes Codan errors are not cleared by a full build

  • DVT-13427 Search View is not populated when "Pin the Search View" option is enabled

  • DVT-13431 Wrong scenario generated when empty sequential block before the first action handle traversal

  • DVT-13432 Traversals under if-else active branch should be scheduled sequentially

  • DVT-13433 Type/instance override is ignored when generating the scenario

  • DVT-13436 Custom Pragmas: Selected color is not used in the editor

19.1.19 (4 June 2019)


  • DVT-13389 DVT CLI issues "Unknown command" for all commands except createProject, openFile, compareFiles

19.1.18 (31 May 2019)


  • DVT-7198 & DVT-11685 New DVT Theme Engine for editors and widgets based on Eclipse Color Themes plugin

  • DVT-8271 Add Theme Engine support for Python (PyDev plugin)

  • DVT-9705 Add preference to invert diagram colors

  • DVT-10084 Add Theme Engine support for LUA (LDT plugin)

  • DVT-12001 Add Theme Engine support for TCL (TCL DLTK plugin)

  • DVT-12541 Add Desert theme to Theme Engine

  • DVT-13127 Add diff command to DVT CLI


  • DVT-11048 Do not restore when using CLI createProject command

  • DVT-11640 Disable default Eclipse Font Zoom commands for Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) and newer

  • DVT-13060 Black on white background in Console View with Dark Theme when running a run configuration

  • DVT-13206 Add separated color preferences for notifications and filter boxes

  • DVT-13315 Syntax Coloring: Previewer in Preference Page does not get updated properly on Windows

19.1.15 (9 May 2019)


  • DVT-1444 Node locked license doesn't work when the bound network interface is down (fix for Linux)

  • DVT-13287 Fixed the support for directory license sources to scan for license files (*.lic)

  • DVT-13288 Sometimes an exception is thrown when a deleted file is still open in the editor

19.1.14 (6 May 2019)


  • DVT-13275 Scripts warn about "unset GTK_IM_MODULE=1 not a valid identifier"

  • DVT-13276 SVN and GIT plugins can't be installed using dvt_kit_installer.sh inside Eclipse 4.11 distros

19.1.13 (25 April 2019)


  • DVT-13259 Removed 32 bit Linux and Windows distros


  • DVT-13230 Add new distros based on Eclipse 4.11


  • DVT-13252 Report semantic error when multiple enum items have the same value

  • DVT-13253 Report semantic error when input/output/lock/share ref field object type is not correct


  • DVT-13251 False syntax error reported for static const declaration under package

  • DVT-13257 Fixed sporadic JVM crashes appearing when files were changed outside DVT while being parsed

19.1.12 (19 April 2019)


  • DVT-12383 Compare Viewer is very slow on huge files


  • DVT-13216 False syntax error when a method call is used as a method call argument (e.g. foo(goo()))

  • DVT-13217 False UNDECLARED_ITENTIFIER semantic errors due to missing 'pss_top' component default instantiation

  • DVT-13218 False semantic errors after incremental build when a type is declared in a package and extended in some other package

  • DVT-13219 Semantic issues are not reported in the global scope (e.g. on missing return type or argument type of a function declared outside any package or component)

19.1.11 (16 April 2019)


  • DVT-13198 Enum item value is not computed correctly when some of the previous enums have the value set

19.1.10 (11 April 2019)


  • DVT-13187 Added support for array of action handles


  • DVT-13186 Unique constraint not working correctly for more than 3 items

19.1.9 (5 April 2019)


  • DVT-13108 CDT Integration: Add predefined content filters for C/C++ system headers, PSS C headers and SystemC headers

  • DVT-13109 Add +dvt_skip_compile support for C/C++

  • DVT-13151 Custom Dialogs: <dvt:Container> enabler attribute should support Combo and Text widgets

  • DVT-13155 CDT Integration: +dvt_systemc and +dvt_pss_cpp directive should only add the library include dirs but not the tops


  • DVT-12825 Search View: Label always shows 0 matches when inspecting a previous search result from search history

  • DVT-13087 Search View: When inspecting previous search results, the active filters are not working

  • DVT-13119 Search View: Wrong number of matches are reported in file labels when content/category/quick search filters are applied

  • DVT-13159 UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER semantic errors not triggered in constraints expressions

19.1.8 (28 March 2019)


  • DVT-13091 Breadcrumb: Focus first element which matches the search filtering


  • DVT-13136 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds thrown by DLTK plugins when collecting task tags (patch for Eclipse 4.4.1, 4.6.3 and 4.7.2)

  • DVT-13141 Breadcrumb: Special characters should not be appended in quick search bar

19.1.6 (22 March 2019)


  • DVT-13070 Syntax Coloring: Improving Semantic Coloring performance for big files


  • DVT-12964 DVT CLI: Ability to get the path of the currently edited file

  • DVT-12970 ViPlugin: Ability to see the total number of matches when performing a search

  • DVT-13041 Breadcrumb: Ability to filter elements while navigating in the dropdown children list

  • DVT-13065 Disable "Show most recently used tabs on overflow" preference in DVT distros

  • DVT-13079 Prompt to refresh files which are out of sync when searching for instances


  • DVT-13051 No search hits reported when inspecting previous "search for instances" results in search history

  • DVT-13080 No search matches reported for out-of-sync files

  • DVT-13085 Show only files with errors in Compile Order view is not working for C/C++

19.1.5 (14 March 2019)


  • DVT-13028 Add new distros based on Eclipse 4.9


  • DVT-2070 Ability to Show Hierarchy (F4) on variable type

  • DVT-11534 Add ${selected_resource_line} variable to launch configurations

  • DVT-12494 Search View label should show the full name of the searched element

  • DVT-13030 CDT Integration: Ability to set and run DVT external builders on C/C++ only projects

  • DVT-13032 Project Templates: Add "year" predefined parameter


  • DVT-12993 CDT Integration: Content Filters not working for element-text and for element-type=LINKAGE

19.1.4 (8 March 2019)


  • DVT-12903 Breadcrumb: Use down arrow to access dropdown children list

  • DVT-12923 CDT Integration: Add support for cflags with whitespace separator (like -D NAME=value)* DVT-12972 DVT CLI: For the createProject command, demote non-existing -lang error to warning


  • DVT-10288 Build config: -defineall directive does not define C preprocessing symbols

  • DVT-12385 Breadcrumb: Drop-down menu search description is not visible

  • DVT-12966 CDT Integration: Sometimes source paths extracted from .so files contain are based in the build directory instead of the actual location

  • DVT-12980 CDT Integration: Compile Order View is not populated after enabling C/C++ Extended Language for a pre-19.1.1 mixed SV+C project

  • DVT-12995 ViPlugin: Visual-line-mode edit operations should not be allowed on read-only files

  • DVT-12997 Breadcrumb: Toggle button takes effect only on visible editors

19.1.3 (4 March 2019)


  • DVT-12827 ViPlugin: Add support for 'G' command to move to the endline while in visual block mode


  • DVT-12798 ViPlugin: Abbreviations should not expand if the there is an alpha-numeric string before the abbreviation

  • DVT-12829 ViPlugin: Visual mode edit operations should not be allowed on read-only files

  • DVT-12894 ViPlugin: Copy paste in block visual mode should not add a new line at the end of each copied row

19.1.2 (28 February 2019)


  • DVT-12925 Add log4j.config in DVT distros to disable EGit stdout warnings


  • DVT-12922 CDT Integration: The gcc scan is not triggered during the first build after creating a project via the DVT CLI

  • DVT-12926 Sometimes incremental build never ends after a project restore

  • DVT-12949 Report an issue and what's new buttons are missing from toolbar

  • DVT-12951 Force license status indicator on the right side of the status bar

19.1.1 (22 February 2019)

Starting with the 19.1.1 major release our products are no longer compatible with old FlexLM license servers (<11.14).


Note: Some of the highlights below were rolled-out in 18.1.# hotfix releases for early adopters.

  • Ability to solve and visualize DSL scenarios

  • New Scope Breadcrumb Navigation Bar in editors

  • Ability to define code regions with customizable editor behavior using Custom Pragmas

  • Enhanced C/C++ support including the ability to browse C/C++ elements in Types View, Macros View, and Compile Order View


  • DVT-3913 Removed support for DVT specific file licenses, migrated to FlexLM file licenses

  • DVT-12877 Removed support for FlexLM tools and daemon versions <11.14

  • DVT-12880 CDT Integration: Remove +dvt_gcc_link_system_headers build configuration directive


  • DVT-12845 Switched to G1 garbage collector in DVT distros


  • DVT-6546 Queue on the license server when all licenses are in use

  • DVT-7325 CDT Integration: Show C/C++ files in the DVT Compile Order View

  • DVT-12106 CDT Integration: Ability to pass additional arguments to gcc while scanning the included files and to CDT project settings

  • DVT-12350 CDT Integration: Show C/C++ defines in the DVT Macros View

  • DVT-12567 CDT Integration: Exclude from CDT indexing the C/C++ files which are located within the project but not part of the DVT build configuration

  • DVT-12878 Added license status indicator in the status bar

  • DVT-12882 CDT Integration: Show C/C++ files in the DVT Compile Types View

  • DVT-12883 CDT Integration: Add built-in Content Filters for common libraries (C/C++ system headers, SystemC, PSS C)


  • DVT-2497 Ability to use DVT_LICENSE_FILE environment variable for FlexLM licenses

  • DVT-7307 CDT Integration: Re-index C/C++ projects when DVT build is triggered

  • DVT-12694 CDT Integration: Ability to create a standalone C/C++ project using the DVT CLI

18.1.50 (27 February 2019)


  • DVT-12926 Sometimes incremental build never ends after a project restore

18.1.49 (21 February 2019)


  • DVT-12887 ConcurrentModificationException thrown when scope breadcrumb updates during incremental compilation

18.1.43 (1 February 2019)


  • DVT-8022 New scope breadcrumb navigation bar replacing scope information in the status bar


  • DVT-12757 New DVT File -> Pick Template dialog does not work on Windows

  • DVT-12760 CLI importProject command closes other existing projects even when -close_others is not specified

  • DVT-12762 Add external tools filter for IUS UPF / CPF errors

  • DVT-12763 Content assist in Perforce unadded file triggers checkout warning

18.1.42 (15 January 2019)


  • DVT-12552 "Select Top" in Verification Hierarchy View is slow for big projects


  • DVT-12726 Update all distro plugins to the latest version


  • DVT-12746 Add new external tools variable ${dvt_clipboard} which solves to the clipboard contents

  • DVT-12753 Avoid unnecessary Design Hierarchy View updates on incremental compilation


  • DVT-12725 Downgrade Perforce plugin to version 2018.1 to avoid NullPointerException

  • DVT-12759 Semantic highlight broken when using toggle comment or replace all in a file

18.1.41 (13 December 2018)


  • DVT-12239 Ability to define code regions with customizable editor behavior: folding, background color, "read-only" visual indication when edited


  • DVT-12143 Semantic highlight is broken after refactoring operations which touch inactive open editors

  • DVT-12691 Opening files with dvt.bat on Windows doesn't work

18.1.40 (7 December 2018)


  • DVT-12667 Add new "Show Instances" hyperlink action to see all instances of a component


  • DVT-12326 DVT CLI: Ability to create resource filters that match symlinks using -exclude|include flags


  • DVT-4776 +dvt_auto_link_root+ should take into account the environment variables defined through +dvt_setenv+

  • DVT-12207 Do not auto-insert semicolon when pressing enter between curly brackets followed by identifier

  • DVT-12657 Actions under 'schedule' block locking the same resource cannot be scheduled concurrent

18.1.39 (29 November 2018)


  • DVT-12495 No search results when re-running a previous search query after full build

  • DVT-12583 Wrong scenario generation when type extension is used to contribute another activity to the target action type

  • DVT-12584 Constraints using array sum property are ignored by scenario solver

  • DVT-12586 Sometimes Project Templates history is not recording previous parameter values

  • DVT-12587 In some cases the generated scenario differs even if the seed is preserved

18.1.38 (19 November 2018)


  • DVT-12569 Scenario diagram name should reflect the action that is currently illustrated

  • DVT-12570 False contradiction error when inferring compound action containing if or repeat block in activity

  • DVT-12575 CDT method completion is slowed down (patch for CDT 9.2.1, 9.4.3, Eclipse Bug 534189)

  • DVT-12576 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError thrown in multiple UI components on Eclipse Luna 4.4.1 distros

18.1.37 (15 November 2018)


  • DVT-10103 Project colors: Color background instead of foreground by default

  • DVT-12534 Add option to configure the constants from build configuration file

  • DVT-12561 Add deprecated license daemon notice


  • DVT-9349 CDT Integration: Sometimes CDT hangs due to an improper DVT listener

  • DVT-12064 CDT Integration: DVT CDT Builder does not run for a project created via the DVT CLI

  • DVT-12104 CDT Integration: Remove the language specification argument from gcc invocation when scanning the C/C++ included files

  • DVT-12308 Report error when using an ambiguous function (declared in multiple imported packages)

  • DVT-12545 Call of 'super' in 'exec init' block should inherit the parent component init statements

  • DVT-12549 NullPointerException thrown when cast expression is used in constraint expressions

  • DVT-12550 Wrong constraint contradiction reported when using type alias as variable type

  • DVT-12566 Build config: In ius.irun mode all extension mappings should be taken into account for each top file

18.1.36 (9 November 2018)


  • DVT-12108 Ability to change hyperlink color

  • DVT-12191 Build config: New +dvt_skip_directive which allows skipping any subsequent build config directive

  • DVT-12522 Hierarchical identifiers should allow select

  • DVT-12530 Report conflicting explicit and default pool binds when creating scenario


  • DVT-12496 Semantic error markers disappear when checking out files using Cliosoft SOS revision control system

  • DVT-12508 CDT Integration: Sometimes source paths extracted from .so files contain an additional whitespace

  • DVT-12521 False semantic errors for non-fully qualified types even if package containing the types is imported

  • DVT-12531 To many inferences when compound action has inputs/outputs of stream type

  • DVT-12532 Semantic errors are not reported in build console at full build

  • DVT-12533 Hierarchical binds are not correctly handled for lock/share resource objects

18.1.35 (2 November 2018)


  • DVT-12456 Local license client takes a long time to respond leading to UI freezes

  • DVT-12480 Fixed memory leaks when opening large files


  • DVT-12493 Add support for Find Next/Prev actions in the Console View


  • DVT-7155 Variables set via +dvt_setenv are not expanded in compile waivers "path" attributes

  • DVT-12361 Variables set via +dvt_setenv are not expanded in compile waivers <include/> tags

  • DVT-12400 Search View: Scope information is missing for cross-language hits

  • DVT-12416 DVT CLI: createProject -include auto:<threshold> should not affect the .dvt folder

18.1.34 (25 October 2018)


  • DVT-12443 Improved build time performance when TCL plugin performs checks on non-script files

  • DVT-12449 Opening a relative path from the embedded terminal might be slow on large projects


  • DVT-12442 Added dvt_cli.sh -svn flag to createProject and importProject commands for automatically associating a project with the Subversive SVN plugin


  • DVT-12355 Open path under cursor from embedded terminal using Ctrl + click instead of double click

  • DVT-12437 Add "Copy Workspace Path" command to quickly copy to clipboard the path to the DVT workspace directory


  • DVT-12446 Wrong scheduling and inference for actions using state objects

  • DVT-12447 Schedule blocks not properly randomized

  • DVT-12448 Conflicting pool binds not reported as error

18.1.32 (12 October 2018)


  • DVT-12371 Removed "Show in Local Terminal -> Terminal" context menu action overlapping "Open Terminal Here" action


  • DVT-12382 Quick Search in Search View is very slow for projects shared over a slow revision control connection


  • DVT-2991 Add Bash Editor plugin to DVT distribution

  • DVT-5511 & DVT-6201 & DVT-11928 Ability to use some DVT generic features without having a DVT project opened by setting a license force checkout system variable

  • DVT-11853 Add Gerrit Code Review plugin to DVT distros (except for Eclipse 4.4.1)

  • DVT-12234 Add Collaborator (v11) plugin to DVT distros


  • DVT-5475 DVT CLI should use by default the Java network client implementation

  • DVT-10714 Build Config: +dvt_setenv+ should not trigger warning on left hand operand in appends

  • DVT-12354 Semantic Search (Ctrl+H) should open the appropriate search page regardless of the file extension

  • DVT-12369 Update all distro plugins to the latest version

  • DVT-12390 Scenario generation improvements (added support for hierarchical binds, constraints lookahead, resource pool binds, ...)

  • DVT-12391 Fixed StackOverflowException in Verification Hierarchy view when component instantiate itself


  • DVT-11289 Create waiver from a problem whose message contains newlines fails on Windows

  • DVT-11949 Downgrade Pydev (Python) plugin to version 5.2.0 for Eclipse 4.4.1 distros to avoid incompatibilities

  • DVT-12250 Content Filters throws NullPointerException when view-set is not specified in the XML file

  • DVT-12368 ViPlugin: Undo checkpoints are not created when moving the cursor between edits

18.1.31 (2 October 2018)


  • DVT-12338 Rename refactoring dialog: Reduce new name sanity checks time


  • DVT-12334 Rename refactoring dialog: Refactored element name is too cluttered

  • DVT-12336 Rename refactoring dialog: Automatically select all text in new name input box


  • DVT-12194 Syntax coloring: Non-alphanumeric characters in Build Config Editor comments are not colored with grey

  • DVT-12230 Semantic search using CTRL + H shortcut is not working properly

  • DVT-12327 Folding is broken for files with more than 15k lines

18.1.30 (25 September 2018)


  • DVT-12233 Syntax Coloring: Ability to customize the color of hyperlinks in comments

  • DVT-12282 Build configuration editor should show +dvt_init+ius.perspec compatibility mode in autocomplete


  • DVT-12051 Syntax Coloring: Add proper colors for PSS in black themes

  • DVT-12279 Syntax Coloring: Whitespaces must be marked with gray color when "Show Whitespace Characters" is enabled

  • DVT-12306 DVT CLI: createProject -force should not preserve opened auto-linked files which are not compiled any more

  • DVT-12309 Wrong syntax error triggered for accessing static functions in global scope "::global_function_name"

  • DVT-12318 Disk space check on save should verify the drive where a file is saved instead of the workspace

18.1.29 (13 September 2018)


  • DVT-12238 Preference to enable disk full check on editor save action


  • DVT-12178 Wrong name for searched elements in Search View

  • DVT-12231 Search View label is not consistent with the "Search for" option selected in the search dialog

  • DVT-12263 Exceptions thrown when closing a cloned editor with files containing macros

18.1.28 (6 September 2018)


  • DVT-9756 Design Hierarchy View and Verification Hierarchy View showing 'No data' instead of default input message when not populated

  • DVT-12237 Check for disk full doesn't run periodically

18.1.27 (30 August 2018)


  • DVT-12229 Parser update to comply with PSS Standard Errata v1.0


  • DVT-7482 Layers View buttons are not visible until resize of view

  • DVT-12213 DVT CLI: Using -include auto fails because path to JRE is not computed correctly

18.1.26 (27 August 2018)


  • DVT-5837 Add support for Content Filters in Coverage View


  • DVT-12147 Add PSS covergroup, coverpoint, bins code templates

  • DVT-12185 Clean-up element types used in Content Filters and Outline View filters


  • DVT-11663 DVT CLI openFile command on a file inside a project should refresh the file's parent directory

  • DVT-12179 Comments are not restored from disk

18.1.25 (9 August 2018)


  • DVT-12155 Enum item icon should be similar with all other languages


  • DVT-12131 Double click in editor on a number does not select it

  • DVT-12142 Using enum item in left hand side of constraint issues a false error

  • DVT-12144 Autocomplete after extend <data_type> does not show only extendable types

  • DVT-12150 PSS code templates defined per-project are not available in content assist

  • DVT-12154 Content assist auto-activation on == should trigger after one blank

  • DVT-12161 Infinite loop when building a coverpoint with explicit data type in PSS

18.1.24 (3 August 2018)


  • DVT-12018 DVT CLI: Ability to automatically create resource filters at project creation time, based on the build configuration


  • DVT-12042 Automatically insert single proposal does not work for Code Template proposals

  • DVT-12093 Semantic issues when using label in front of 'do' action traversal

  • DVT-12094 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER semantic error inside constraint block of a 'do' action traversal

  • DVT-12110 File opened with wrong editor if the extension is not .pss (default)

  • DVT-12111 Code templates: Variables like ${cursor} are not properly replaced for PSS

  • DVT-12112 Autocomplete: Code template proposals do not appear for PSS

  • DVT-12113 Types from package imported in global scope not visible

  • DVT-12129 NullPointerException thrown in Annotations preference page when it contains annotations with no labels (patch for Eclipse 4.4.1, 4.6.3 and 4.7.2)

18.1.23 (26 July 2018)


  • DVT-4414 Ability to configure the maximum number of lines in file and maximum number of matches for Mark Occurrences


  • DVT-12036 Coverage View: Element count displays the number of named covergroups instead of total number of covergroups

  • DVT-12076 Build Config: Unmatched single quote errors are not reported

18.1.22 (20 July 2018)


  • DVT-11982 Improve the performance of problems management in projects with large filesystem hierarchies


  • DVT-11979 Show compile indices as part of the file info for any Inspect View input

  • DVT-12037 Trigger semantic error when size specified for pools of flow objects

  • DVT-12038 Trigger semantic error when bind associated with a non-pool object field


  • DVT-12039 Semantic error not triggered for non existing component path in bind statements

  • DVT-12040 Semantic error not triggered when duplicate a predefined field

  • DVT-12041 Predefined fields are not shown in auto-complete proposals

  • DVT-12043 Escape special XML characters when creating a compile waiver from an existing marker

  • DVT-12052 Comments associated with the elements are not updated on incremental build

18.1.21 (6 July 2018)


  • DVT-3985 Ability to open files from embedded terminal using double click


  • DVT-10991 DVT CLI: openFile command should support relative paths

  • DVT-11970 Trigger semantic error for illegal binds in activities

18.1.20 (28 June 2018)


  • DVT-11858 ViPlugin: Show warning when searching for non-existing word

  • DVT-11862 ViPlugin: Add "hls" command as shortcut for "highlightsearch"

  • DVT-11958 Add -close_others option to dvt_cli.sh importProject and createProject to close all open projects


  • DVT-11856 ViPlugin: Adding a character in the middle of the searched word in command line moves cursor to the end of the word

  • DVT-11860 ViPlugin: Searching with regular expressions highlights wrong number of characters

  • DVT-11863 ViPlugin: Visual block mode must start with a selection of size 1

  • DVT-11864 ViPlugin: In visual mode, the last character on a line cannot be selected without the newline

  • DVT-11951 Missing decoration for files skipped using +dvt_skip_compile

18.1.19 (21 June 2018)

First Release