Specador Documentation Generator User Guide
Rev. 24.1.4, 28 February 2024

6.2 Design Diagrams

Design Diagrams help you inspect and document the structure of a design element.

  • Schematic Diagrams present the internal structure (ports, sub-instances, combinational and sequential logic and connections) :

  • Flow Diagrams present a high level view of internal connectivity. Multiple connections from one instance to another are collapsed in a single directional edge:

  • Block Diagrams present the ports:

  • Finite-State Machine Diagrams present states and transitions by analyzing all the assignments and conditions in which a state variable is used:


  • All the diagrams can be zoomed and panned.

  • Schematic and Flow diagrams can be opened in full screen for better inspection.

  • You can copy to clipboard an instantiation of the current module from the Block Diagram.

  • Click on a block to jump to the chapter where it is documented.