DVT IDE for VS Code VHDL User Guide
Rev. 22.1.36, 22 November 2022

24.1.2 dvt_code.sh Examples

Start VS Code / VS Codium in a folder

dvt_code.sh createProject /path/to/project -lang vlog

Start VS Code / VS Codium in a folder and use an available (reachable and unused) Language Server if found

dvt_code.sh createProject /path/to/project -build rtl -lang vlog -use_available

Start VS Code / VS Codium and connect to an existing Language Server

dvt_code.sh connect '2022-02-02-03-04-05-123456789' # using the server's ID
dvt_code.sh connect '24234@host1'                   # using the server's control port @ host
dvt_code.sh connect 'rtl_project_1'                 # using the server's name