DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.3, 13 February 2024

25.9 Bit Field Diagrams for vr_ad registers

DVT can render bit field diagrams for vr_ad registers in tooltips and in the Inspect View.

Trigger the tooltip from the Editor, by hovering a register name (an enum item of vr_ad_reg_kind type):

To see the diagram in the Inspect View, simply click on a register name in the Editor or in views, for example a register entry in the UVM Browser View or a an enum item of vr_ad_reg_kind in the Types View members panel:

Tip: To save the diagram as an SVG file, right-click on it in the Inspect View.

Tip: To copy the table contents to system clipboard, right-click on it in the Inspect View.

Note: Diagrams are rendered using the BitField library.