DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.3, 13 February 2024

35.6 Hyperlinks

Place the mouse cursor over an identifier in the editor while holding down the Ctrl key. The identifier becomes a hyperlink, and a list of navigation options is displayed.

The first option is Open Declaration. This is the default action when you click directly on the identifier.

Hyperlinks are available for all the types, methods, fields, macros, etc. from the source code files that DVT analyzes in your project.

Open Declaration Tip: Keyboard alternative: place editor cursor on an identifier and press F3.

Open First Implementation Opens the first is layer of a method declared using is undefined / is empty. Similarly for events, opens the first layer if definition does not include implementation.

Open ... Type

Open When Subtype Opens the first explicit implementation of the layer under cursor:

Open Determinant

Opens the determinant field declaration:

Jump to Binding Opens bound method port:

Jump to an Imported File

Jump to a Macro Definition