DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 23.2.28, 28 November 2023

35.6.1 Hyperlinks in Comments

You can define hyperlinks in comments using the @link or @see pragmas, for example:

-- @link usb_init.usb_init_arch.TIME_SUSPEND
-- For more details @see @see usb_commands::sv_usb_byte and @see usb_fs_monitor.usb_Dn

Hover the hierarchical id specified after the pragma with the mouse cursor while holding down the Ctrl key, and click to go to the element's declaration. Alternatively, place the editor cursor on the hierarchical id and press F3

The hierarchical identifier following @link or @see is of the form:


where <element_name> must be a type (entity, architecture, etc.) or a type member (method, signal, port etc.).


@link <element_name>

@link <type_name>.<element_name>

@link <package_name>::<element_name>

Note: If <path.to.element> does not solve to a unique element in code, a list of navigation options is displayed.