DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.7, 9 April 2024

38.40 Some files are missing from the VIPs transformed with evip2dvt.sh

This happens when files with the same name are loaded several times by the top provided to evip2dvt.sh. For example:

  • my_top imports vip_a_top and vip_b_top

  • vip_a_top imports utils/utils_top

  • vip_b_top imports utils/utils_top

$> evip2dvt.sh -t my_top ...

A file called utils_top is imported twice (no matter if from different locations), and therefore the second time it's not actually loaded by Specman. It will also miss from the files generated by evip2dvt.sh.

The solution is to run evip2dvt.sh for every top file that imports files with identical names, for the example above:

$> evip2dvt.sh -t vip_a_top
$> evip2dvt.sh -t vip_b_top