DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.4, 28 February 2024

35.7.1 Icons

e File
Linked Resource e File

See Linked Resources.
Out of Project e File. The file is not inside a project directory, nor accessible as a linked resource. Functionality is limited on "gray" e files.
ecom File
vsif File
vsof File
Scalar Type. For example enumerated types.
Enumerated constant
Scalar Type Extend Layer.
Predefined Struct. For example any_struct.
Predefined Unit. For example any_unit.
Extend Struct Layer
Extend Unit Layer
When Struct Layer
When Unit Layer
Method Type

"is instance" Field

Method/TCM TCMs are decorated with a small event:
On Event

Cover Group
Simple input port
Simple output port
Simple bidirectional port
Buffer input port
Buffer output port
Method input port
Method output port
Event input port
Event output port port_event_io_obj.gif
Event bidirectional port
Preprocessing define
Preprocessing undefine
Preprocessing ifdef, ifndef
Define As Macro
Define As Computed Macro
Define As Macro Match
Define As Computed Macro Match
Code Template. For example in auto-complete proposals.