DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.3, 13 February 2024

25.1.3 UML Diagrams - Legend

A struct.
A selected struct.
A selected struct with members. The cells are (in order) for fields, events, and methods (functions and tasks). Each member name is preceded by an access modifier flag: + (plus) for public, '- (minus)' for private, # (hash) for protected, and ~ (tilda) for package. Fields that are not generated have an extra ! (exclamation mark), and those that are physical have a % (percent) after the access modifier flag.
A predefined struct.
Inheritance like: a_child_struct inherits from a_parent_struct. Inheritance when: GOOD a_child_struct inherits from a_child_struct.
Association: a_struct points to b_struct (has a field p_to_b of type b_struct).
Relevant/Irrelevant when subtype: GOOD packet, SMALL packet and GOOD SMALL packet are relevant when subtypes (such packet extensions are explicitly defined), BAD packet (dotted gray box) is an irrelevant when subtype (no explicit BAD packet extension).

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