DVT IDE for VS Code SystemVerilog User Guide
Rev. 22.1.23, 16 August 2022

1.5 Set the License

In order to enable DVT's features, you must set the license.

The license value is passed through:

  • environment variables visible to the application: the first non-empty variable, evaluated in this order DVT_LICENSE_FILE, DVTLMD_LICENSE_FILE, LM_LICENSE_FILE, will be used, the others will be ignored.

  • DVT.license.source setting accessible using "Preferences: Open Settings (UI)" command.

The value can contain one or more DVT license sources separated by OS specific path separator:

  • on Linux/MacOS use colon ":"

  • on Windows use semicolon ";"

The license source can be a FlexLM:

  • license file specified as a path /path/to/dvt.license

  • license server specified as port@host

  • three server redundancy configuration specified as port1@host1,port2@host2,port3@host3 (the servers in a triad are separated by comma ",")