Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter User Guide
Rev. 20.1.1, 21 February 2020

Chapter 6. Custom Report

The lint report can also be exported in a custom text format by using the batch mode flag gen_custom_report followed by the path to a template file in FreeMarker syntax. To specify the path to where the custom report will be generated use the custom_report_location flag.

The custom report template uses the standard FreeMarker syntax (see FreeMarker Template Language Reference). Various information about the linting results can be obtained using the API available on the ${linter} variable.

Main API

  • isPassed(): returns a boolean representing the linter FAILED / PASSED status

  • getChecks(): returns a list of all the checks

  • getHits(): returns a list of all the hits

  • getFiles(boolean includeUVM): returns a list of all the files (use true for includeUVM to also include the UVM files, false otherwise)

  • getAnnotationNames(): returns a list of all the annotations

  • getChecksSummary(): returns the summary of passed, failed, warning, info, disabled, nonexistent checks

  • getHitsSummay(): returns the summary of failed, warning, info and disabled hits

  • getNofCompiledLines(): returns the total number of compiled lines

  • getLintRunTime(): returns the linting run time in ms

  • getBuildRunTime(): returns the build run time in ms

  • getLicenseWaitTime(): returns the license wait time in ms

  • getEnvVar(String varName): returns the value of the varName environment variable

Check API

  • getId()

  • getTitle()

  • getName()

  • getDescription()

  • getCategory()

  • getCategoryDescription()

  • getStatus()

  • getSeverity()

  • getHits()

  • getRunTime()


  • getCheck()

  • getDetails()

  • getSeverity()

  • getFile()

  • getLine()

  • getAnnotations() - returns a map (Freemarker hash) with the annotation name as key and annotation value as value

  • getAnnotations(String annotationName)

File API

  • getName()

  • getHits()

Checks Summary API

  • getNofPassed()

  • getNofErrors()

  • getNofWarnings()

  • getNofInfos()

  • getNofDisabled()

  • getNofNonexistent()

  • getNofDuplicate()

Hits Summary API

  • getNofDisabled()

  • getNofErrors()

  • getNofWarnings()

  • getNofInfos()