Rev. 23.2.28, 28 November 2023

Chapter 25. Export HTML Documentation

To generate the HTML Documentation click on Specador -> Export HTML Documentation... menu entry (requires a Specador license). This action will bring-up a dialog for specifying preferences:

1. General Page

  1. Specify the project for which HTML Documentation will be generated

  2. Documentation title

  3. Overview description file - its content will be placed on the first page of the documentation

  4. User defined HTML Page - a customized HTML page that can be embedded in the navigation menu (for example you can add links to external documentation or resources: <a target="elementFrame" href=" https://www.dvteclipse.com">dvt</a> -> will open the web page in the main frame)

  5. The output directory - target directory where the documentation will be placed

  6. Option to hide the "Generate by < user >" watermarks

2. API Selection Preferences

Check what kind of API and what packages to include in documentation.

3. Filter Preferences

  1. A set of general filters

  2. SystemVerilog specific filters

  3. Names Filter - exclude types names that match these filters

  4. Paths filter - exclude files from documentation

4. Styling Preferences

Comments beautify and formatting.

5. Link To Existing Documentation

Create links to the elements for which documentation is already generated in the directories specified in the list above, instead of re-generating their HTML pages. You can also select if you want to see references to external documentation's index.html files in the left navigation menu.

The HTML documentation is similar with JavaDoc and it is generated using the comments above type declarations, method declarations etc.

6. Diagrams Page

Check which kind of diagrams you want to include in the HTML documentation.

7. FSM Diagrams Preferences Page

Change the look and feel of FSM Diagrams.

NOTE: It is recommended to perform a full build before exporting the HTML documentation.

NOTE: For more informations check out the Specador User Guide.