Rev. 21.1.13, 5 April 2021

12.3 Indentation

  • then - This option affects the then keyword placement:

    • On a new line - then is moved on a new line

    • On the same line - then is moved on the same line with it's construct

    • Leave as is

  • Parameters - This option affects port, generic, map, function and procedure elements:

    • One per line - each placed on it's own line

    • More per line - more are placed on the same line, as fit when line wrapping is enabled

    • Leave as is

  • Don't indent single line comments at first column - This option affects single line comments that start at column zero. It is useful to disable the indentation for whole regions of code that are block commented, for example by using Ctrl + /. When enabled, single line comments that start at column zero are not indented.

  • Indent multi-line comments - This option affects multi-line comments ( /* ... */). When enabled, multi-line comments are indented.

  • Ignore lines starting with- Space separated list of line prefixes. A line starting with one of the prefixes is completely ignored, that is it is not indented, nor it contributes to indentation.

  • Don't increase the indent level on - By default all scope language constructs increase indentation. This option allows you to control which language constructs should increase indentation.