Rev. 21.1.14, 13 April 2021

32.7.3 dvt_kit_installer.sh

This script is a command line utility that can be used to install/uninstall plugins delivered with the DVT_KIT distributions.

The Windows flavor of the script has the same functionality and arguments and the extension .bat.

The script allows you to create a DVT distribution with any combination of plugins from the following list:


  • BASH - Eclipse Bash Editor (de.jcup.basheditor)

  • CDT - C/C++ Development Tools (org.eclipse.cdt)

  • JDT - Java Development Tools (org.eclipse.jdt)

  • LUA - Lua Development Tools (org.eclipse.ldt)

  • PERL - Perl Editor and IDE for Eclipse (org.epic)

  • PYTHON - Pydev (org.python.pydev)

  • RUBY - Ruby Editor and IDE for Eclipse (org.eclipse.dltk.ruby)

  • TCL - Tcl Editor and IDE for Eclipse (org.eclipse.dltk.tcl)

  • CLEARCASE - Clearcase plugin for Eclipse (net.sourceforge.eclipseccase)

  • CVS - Eclipse CVS Client (org.eclipse.cvs)

  • GIT - Eclipse Git (org.eclipse.egit)

  • SVN - Subversive SVN Team Provider (org.eclipse.team.svn)

  • PERFORCE.2015 - Perforce plugin for Eclipse (com.perforce.team)

  • PERFORCE.2018 - Perforce plugin for Eclipse (com.perforce.team)

  • COLLABORATOR.11 - Collaborator plugin for Eclipse (com.smartbear.collaborator)

  • GERRIT - Eclipse Gerrit (org.eclipse.egerrit)

You can also see the list using:

$DVT_HOME/bin/dvt_kit_installer.sh -h


dvt_kit_installer.sh [options] operation


        The options must be specified before the operation

        [-w|workspace <dir>]
            - Temporary workspace directory for this script (default /tmp/)

            - Simulate the operation

            - Display this help


        The operation must be specified after the options and only one operation
        can be specified followed by a list of plugins (containing at least one plugin)

        [-i|install <space separated list of plugins>]
            - Install the plugins specified in the list

        [-d|delete|uninstall <space separated list of plugins>]
            - Uninstall the plugins specified in the list

            - List the plugins installed with this script


Install the plugins for CVS, SVN and C++

$DVT_HOME/bin/dvt_kit_installer.sh install CVS SVN CDT

Uninstall the plugin for CVS

$DVT_HOME/bin/dvt_kit_installer.sh uninstall CVS

List the plugins installed

$DVT_HOME/bin/dvt_kit_installer.sh list

Simulate the installation of JDT plugins

$DVT_HOME/bin/dvt_kit_installer.sh -s install JDT