DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.7, 9 April 2024

Chapter 6. Content Assist (Autocomplete)

Content assist (autocomplete) can be triggered explicitly if you press Ctrl+Space in any code context.

Some of the contexts when content assist is triggered automatically as you type are:

  • when you type a dot (.) for accessing a struct member (field, method etc) as in bfm.do_write()

  • when you type a compare (==) in an expression as in if (mode ==

Proposals are presented in a list for you to choose from.

Moving through proposals you can quickly see the related documentation.

Press Enter or click to select a proposal or Esc to cancel the assist.

Sometimes autocomplete has many proposals that are split in several categories:

  1. the first one is for things you can access in a scope (wires, regs, functions, tasks etc. depending on the enclosing scope)

  2. the second one is for code templates

  3. the third one is for other things, like module instances

If you press Ctrl+Space the first time, you'll see a small indication in the proposals pop-up window at the bottom, something like "Press Ctrl+Space again to see template proposals".

Pressing Ctrl+Space cycles through the categories above.