DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 20.1.32, 17 September 2020

27.8 WaveDrom Timing Diagrams

WaveDrom is a tool that draws timing diagrams (waveforms) from a simple textual description written in JSON. DVT renders WaveDrom waveforms in the Inspect View. The waveform diagram is updated on the fly (as you type).

The waveform description can be:

  • either embedded in comments, surrounded by @WAVEDROM_START...@WAVEDROM_END

  • or in files with *.json or *.json5 extensions

To save the diagram as an SVG file, right-click on it in the Inspect View.

DVT offers the ability to view WaveDrom diagrams through tooltips, by hovering over any waveform written inside DVT editors.

Tip: The WaveDrom documentation is available here.

Note: To specify additional file extensions, use the +dvt_wavedrom_file_ext_add+<extension> build config directive. To clear the extensions list use +dvt_wavedrom_file_ext_clear.

Note: By default, only waveform descriptions of maximum 5000 characters are rendered. You can change this threshold from menu Window > Preferences then DVT > Editors.

Note: DVT uses WaveDrom version 2.3.2.