DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.4, 28 February 2024

Chapter 20. Show Constraints

To see where a variable is constrained, right click on it's name > Show > Constraints.

The results are presented in the Search View.

The results include:

Constraint blocks involving the variable
In-line constraints of the variable inside randomize() with { ... }
Calls to rand_mode() and constraint_mode() which affect the variable randomization

Tip: For rand or randc class variables you can also hold down the Ctrl key while hovering the name of the variable with the mouse cursor, and pick Show Constraints from the pop-up list.

Tip: You can also trigger this functionality from a view's context menu, for example from the Types View or Type Hierarchy View.

Tip: You can choose to hide constraint_mode() and rand_mode() calls using the toolbar Filters... button: